DarkUFO - Lost

Wins by Ethan Rom and the Smoke Monster finished out Round 2 for us, so here we are at the start of Round 3- the Sweet 16! That's right, only 16 characters remain in this tournament, which means we're getting closer to the end. From this point on, we'll be running only one matchup per day.

And I can assure you, it's worth it. Whether you trust me or not after I pulled a long con on you between Locke and Desmond, I tell you this with the utmost sincerity: Round 3 will be VERY interesting.

The Hat is out for blood, and blood it will get.

So let's get started with Round 3! Tonight's matchup features two characters whose paths have crossed more than once before. In a unique twist of fate, Eko has been given a rematch against the Smoke Monster.

Last time they met, Eko met his doom, but will his fortune change in the Character Cup arena? Or will Smokey pull off a repeat victory?

Vote and see.

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