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I originally said I was just going to advance Locke's and Desmond's pictures from the Finals in the Overall Best In Show Award, but I changed my mind. I'm a big old softy and sided with you guys. We'll give Jack and Sawyer one more shot at some kind of glory.

Please note- the TOP TWO vote earners will be making it into the Overall competition.

Here are the nominees:

And since many of you missed out on the first 10 minutes of the 3rd place matchup, here is your chance to view the joke pictures I used in place of Jack and Sawyer. They were only up for about 10 minutes, but for some reason they came up for some of you throughout the day. Again, this was just a joke.

Among the several complaints over Sawyer's pictures, someone sarcastically ventured the prediction that I would use a picture of Saddam Hussein in place of Sawyer this last time around. Little did they realize I enjoy a good joke. To balance it out, I used an image of George W. Bush for Jack. Here are the pictures:

PS- I voted for Sawyer in the 3rd place matchup.

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