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Congratulations to Jack. He edged out Sawyer by 204 votes to take 3rd place in the Character Cup. Their epic showdown brought shattered the record not only for the Character Cup, but it also shattered the vote total by the Episode Cup Finals. Way to go Lost fans! Let's see if we can break the record with tonight's Finals matchup.

This is it- the moment we've been working toward for the past two months! (gosh, has it been that long?) All the tough decision making and sweating out the close matchups has led us to this point-

The only conflict these men ever had with each other was over the computer and the Button. When Locke entered the Hatch, Desmond pressed him for answers and was quick to make a hasty getaway from his prison of three years. Locke picked up the responsibility of the Button and carried it throughout Season 2.

By the end of the season, Locke had lost faith, but Desmond had returned. Convinced that nothing would happen, Locke sealed himself and Desmond inside the computer room and prepared to let the clock run out. At the last moment, Desmond had a change of heart and corrected the situation, albeit by detonating the Hatch and nearly killing everyone inside it.

Since the Great Hatch Kaboom, Locke has been granted the opportunity to continue his journey to strengthen his understanding and connection to the Island. At the same time, Desmond has been given the ability to see into the future, forging a connection with the fates of his friends and castaways. Both of their paths, however, have led them here, where only one will prevail.

One has been the heavyweight favorite all along, while the other has surprised nearly all of us by defying the odds and earning a shot at the title.

Tonight it's the Finals- The Battle of the Seers, for the Character Cup!

Desmond Hume
Status: Miscellaneous (Alive)
Desmond has been a set designer, a monk, a soldier and a round-the-world race entrant. This last activity resulted in Desmond crashing his boat on the Island. There he was rescued by Kelvin and brought to the Hatch, where he pushed the Button for three years until Flight 815 crashed. Since activating the failsafe, Desmond seems to have precognitive abilities. His girlfriend Penny continues to search for him.
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John Locke
Status: Lostie (Alive)
John Locke has spent most of his life trying to be more than people expect of him. His complicated relationship with his father left him paralyzed and bound to a wheelchair and tore apart his only known committed relationship. After the crash of Flight 815, John miraculously regained use of his legs and has spent his time trying to uncover the many mysteries of the Island.
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The winner of the Cup will be announced at the close of the polls tomorrow. Then on Friday we'll vote on the Overall Best In Show award, and on Saturday I will post the Awards ceremony (over 20 awards to be handed out) and a final rehash/reflections on the Cup. After that, we're done!

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