DarkUFO - Lost

We see Sayid shopping in an airport clothing store for a tie to wear when he sees Nadia in Los Angeles. One of the employees helps him make his decision, and as he is paying for the tie, airport security come and take him for questioning about the bag he left with Shannon. Sayid is noticeably perturbed by what can be seen as racial profiling.

Deleted flashback from "Exodus, Part 1"

[On the island, Sawyer ties the radar emitter to the raft’s mast with a necktie.]

SAYID: Where did you get that necktie?
SAWYER: Pile of clothes down the beach. Why? Got a hot date?
[FLASHBACK to the airport shop, where Sayid, and the shop assistant Charlotte, look at ties.]
CHARLOTTE: [picking up a yellowish tie] Oh, this one is great. But I also love the blue one. Either one would be perfect.
SAYID: I suppose.
CHARLOTTE: What’s the occasion?
SAYID: It’s... I’m going to see a woman.
CHARLOTTE: Good. What’s her favourite color?
SAYID: ...I don’t know.
CHARLOTTE: Is she conservative? More fashion-conscious?
SAYID: It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen each other.
CHARLOTTE: Don’t worry about it. She’s not gonna care about the tie.
SAYID: Then would you do me a favor and pick?
CHARLOTTE: I feel pretty good about the yellow one.
SAYID: Then yellow. [They go to the cash register.]
CHARLOTTE: What’s her name?
SAYID: Nadia. [There are two cops outside the shop. They enter]
CHARLOTTE: Nadia? That’s a beautiful name.
COP: Sir? Did you leave a bag unattended in the main lounge?
SAYID: No, I told someone to watch it.
COP: You need to come with us. [They take Sayid away.]
SAYID: Of course I do.

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