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As you can probably tell I've updated the look and feel of both DarkUFO and SpoilerTV to provide a more consistent look across both sites as well as making it easier to make future updates. I hope you like the new look.

Whilst making the changes I noticed that a number of people have been asking for certain features etc most of which are already available on the site. As a result I thought it would be a good time to answer some of these questions and to inform you of these features.

1) The Help section has lots of useful information about the site. I recommend reading this. It can be accessed via the Help Icon located across the top of all sites in the banner.

2) Chat. The site has a chat room which hopefully we will utilise more when Lost starts again in February. It is located at the top of the site in the banner.

3) Search. We have 2 search features on the site. Each of the main sections has a search in the right hand side-bar. This searches the page that you are on. The 2nd Search allows you to search all major Lost sites in a convenient manner. This is located via the large search icon at the very top of every screen.

4) Contact. You can email me directly via the email button at the top of the screen in the banner.

5) Direct linking to posts. When you want to link to a specific post on the site to a message board or your own site etc you can grab the URL link by right-clicking on the post title and selecting copying Link Location.

6) Categories. A number of people have asked if we can have categories within each section. This feature is already available via the Labels drop-down menu which is located in the right hand sidebar. Go on and try it out.

7) Recent Comments and Posts. At the bottom of each page you will see 2 sections. One section shows the recent posts and comments that have been made one the section that you are one. The second section, below the first, shows all the recent posts across the other main sections of the site.

8) Subscribing. To subscribe via email or RSS to any section of the site simply click on the large "Subscribe" button in the right hand sidebar. There is also a subscribe button at the bottom of each individual post which allows you to subscribe to the comments for any post. Please visit the Help section for more info.

9) Widgets. We have a number of Widgets that you can put on your own Blog, Site, Myspace page etc. See this POST and this POST and this POST. If you would like any more widgets created, please leave a comment or email me.

10) Links and Affiliates. If you have a web site we'd love to Affiliate with you. Just visit the Affiliates section for more info. If you have a Lost site please feel free to submit your site for inclusion into our Lost Links section, which I believe is the largest collection of Lost Related web sites on the net. Make sure your site is included.

If you have any other suggestions/ideas/questions please leave a comment to this post as I'd love to hear them.

We welcome relevant, respectful comments.
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