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Update: 23rd August
Just had the following update from the organisers.

The bell is ringing and the Lost Convention 2008 goes into the next round for the announcements.

We’ve got two new well known faces, Andrew Divoff (Mikhail Bakunin) and William Mapother (Ethan Rom).
For more information please check http://www.lostcon.de and be happy. Furthermore we hope to announce another guest shortly.

You’ll find details about prices and you’ll get the opportunity to buy tickets online, as of September 4, 2007. Our shop will be available soon. For our guests abroad we’ve got PayPal, so you’ll also have the chance to buy tickets online.

One of our LostCon team members, obiwahn, created a little teaser just for our convention. Check it out. We hope you like it.


Londini Events

I've just received the following from the organisers of Lost Con in Germany and they have sent me the following details.

Londini Events is pleased to announce the first German Lost convention to be held at the Gempthalle in Lengerich, Germany on May 17-18, 2008.

The idea of the convention arose spontaneously in a chat where the initiator Jonathan Kevin Lond just wanted to chat about Lost. Polls were placed on Lost fan sites to see if people would attend a Lost convention. The feedback was so overwhelming that a commitee of Lost fans got together to plan the event.

Please visit our website www.lostcon.de for more information. We have both a German, English and Italian version for our international visitors.

Lengerich, Germany

Maggie Grace - Shannon Rutherford
John Terry - Dr. Christian Shephard
Mira Furlan - Danielle Rousseau

Ulrike Johannson - German voice of Danielle Rousseau
Alex Fechner - Comic strip artist
Miguel Riveros Silva - Comic strip artist

And we have three move guests to announce so stay tuned and keep checking our site for updates. You may also want to subscribe to our newsletter to get regular updates in the mail.

We hope that once this event is established it will be a yearly event and grow larger and larger.

We're looking forward to seeing you in Germany.

Source: LostCon.de

Following todays post about a Lost Convention in the UK, DarkUFO reader Marc has sent me the following information about a similar convention in Germany.

I read the news about the lost convention in england.

There will be a lost convention in Germany too next year. Because of your high visits from all over the world, maybe this news is interesting for you. http://www.lostcon.de is the url for the site. there is also an English version of the page.

Source: LostCon

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