DarkUFO - Lost

Here we are! The last matchups of Round 1 have arrived. But first, congratulations are in order for Desmond and Kate. Both of them were clearly going to win from the get-go and they didn't disappoint us. Desmond almost tied Hurley for second place in margin-of-victory, but Leonard managed to nudge his percentage up a final point at the end. Kelvin put up a better fight against Kate, but it still was not close.

Okay, now for the moment you've been waiting for- the third and final Main Character vs. Main Character matchup. Did you guess Sawyer vs. Ben? If so, you're wrong!

Tonight's first matchup is between a character that several of you wish was dead and a character that some of you feel went to the grave too early. The second matchup pits the con-man against the invisible man.

The winners will earn the final two spots left in Round 2. Could we have an upset on our hands? That's for you to decide, so I'll let you have at it! :-)

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