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Well folks, here we are on the second-to-last day of Round 1. It has been an interesting tournament so far, what with the Prelims and this whole first round. Voting and comments have both been very pleasing to keep track of. But I must say, I am eager to move on to the next round. I have been staring at these Round 1 matchups for over 2 weeks now and I'm looking forward to some new (and perhaps controversial) pairings from the hat. But until we reach that point, there's 4 more matchups to attend to.

Congratulations to Tom and Sayid. Both won by significant margins and have earned a spot in the second round. A round of applause is due for both Charles Widmore and Nikki, as they fought back to decrease the margin of victory late in the day (even if those margins we restored before voting ended). There is only one Main Character vs. Main Character matchup remaining. Will it be tonight?


Tonight we are presented with two "Hatchlings," a Lostie, and our fourth and final Prelim winner. First up, a man that was driven insane by the numbers takes on a man who was nearly driven mad by the numbers. In the second matchup, we have a deliberate murderer taking on an accidental victim. It may not be difficult to predict who will win, but it still gives you a chance to talk up your favorites.

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