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Season 4 Prop or fun item?

Thanks to Mike for the following strange item. Is this a prop for the upcoming season? or just a fun item that someone has asked to be made? Click photo to enlarge.
We ran this story today on our noon news about a little company in Texas (I think it was Texas, I could be wrong there)... This company makes all the Purple Heart Medals. In addition to making the Purple Hearts, they make several other military medals and awards, as well as plaques, trophies, and other non-military items, including something else I thought was interesting. It was only on screen for a second, but I caught it. I went back an got a screencap. I attached the picture, so you can see, and hopefully post if you think it's worthy.

Source: DarkUFO reader Mike

Update: 14th July 2007 I've been in contact with the very nice people at Gracoind who sent me the following in relation to the item. They have said that when the items are completed they will send us a clear photo of the finished article.

This is a notice to whom it concerns.

The award that was shown on a local Houston TV show highlighting Graco Awards was not intended for, nor is in production for the use of any official ABC business or promotions. It is a sample piece that maybe made for display purposes.

Source: Gracoind

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