DarkUFO - Lost

We hope to provide live Blogging and photos from this year's event so that everyone can stay in touch with the latest information in one place. I've already got one kind person who will be helping out with the Live blogging but we are always looking for more as people may have different seats/viewpoints etc.

If you are going to Comic-Con and you have a mobile phone capable of sending emails then please email me at darkufo@ntlworld.com where I can give you some more information about how to send your info/photos etc to us.

Update: We now have a 8 person team attending Comic-Con who will provide live updates. We're still looking for more, so if you are available please email me. A big thanks to the 8 who will hopefully make Comic-Con an event we can all share. A new section of the site will be open shortly where all the Comic-Com reports will come into.

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