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Congratulations to recently deceased (apparently) Isabel and the still-much-alive Johnny. While they didn't win in utter blowouts like previous matchups, they nonetheless earned a spot in the second round of our prelim tourney.

Today we see a healthy mix of characters- two S1 vs. S3 matchups involving flashback characters, an Other, and even a Lostie. Some are living, while some are dead. Who deserves a shot at the main tournament? You tell us with your votes.

And always, comments are welcome.

Tom Brennan
Status: Flashback Character (Deceased)
Tom was an old friend of Kate Austen and a doctor in their home state of Iowa. When Kate showed up at his hospital, he helped her visit briefly with her mother. Tom was shot and killed by police when he attempted to help Kate flee the hospital. He had a wife and son.
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David Reyes
Status: Flashback Character (Alive)
David is the husband of Carmen Reyes and the father of Hurley. When Hurley was a young boy, he left the family. He returned 17 years later, after discovering his son had won millions in the lottery. Despite an upbeat attitude, he only returned for the money.
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Colleen Pickett
Status: Other (Deceased)
Colleen is one of the Others and the wife of Danny Pickett. She was sent along with a team of Others to commandeer the sail boat Sayid, Sun and Jin were using. When the Others took the boat, Colleen confronted Sun and was fatally shot in the stomach.
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Steve Jenkins
Status: Lostie (Alive)
Steve is one of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. He assisted Michael in clearing debris after a cave-in trapped Jack inside and also helped look for Claire’s attacker after she woke up screaming in the night. He is also commonly confused with Scott, who is dead.
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