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Congratulations to Edmund Burke and Leonard Simms on their crushing victories. They will now move on to Round 2 of the prelim tournament, continuing their fight for a spot in the main tourney.

Today's matchups bring about the first appearance of one of the Others in the prelim tourney and three flashback characters. Who will win? Only you can decide that.

We are past the halfway point now for Round 1 of the prelim tourney. Here are the characters we'll be seeing yet before the end of Round 1: Aaron Littleton, Colleen Pickett, David Reyes, Diane Janssen, Emeka, Emily Annabeth Locke, Rachel Carlson, Ryan Pryce, Sabrina Carlyle, Sam Austen, Steve Jenkins, and Tom/"Mr. Friendly".

Talk it up in the comments section! You never know- you just might sway someone's vote and put your favorite through to victory.

Status: Other (Alive)
Isabel is one of the Others. She was in charge of investigating Juliet’s plot to kill Ben and the murder of Danny Pickett. She was also seen presiding over Juliet’s sentencing. While Jack was locked in Sawyer’s old cage, she asked him if he knew what his tattoos said.
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Essam Tasir
Status: Flashback Character (Deceased)
Essam was Sayid’s roommate at the University of Cairo. Essam and Sayid met later in life while Sayid was undercover, rooting out information on the terror cell Essam had joined in exchange for information on Nadia. Essam killed himself in front of Sayid when he found this out.
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Status: Flashback Character (Alive)
Eddie was an undercover cop who gained Locke’s trust, allowing him access to a secret marijuana farm and commune that Locke was a part of. The owners of the farm found out Eddie was a cop and ordered Locke to take care of it, but he couldn’t bring himself to killing Eddie.
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Status: Flashback Character (Alive)
Johnny was Hurley’s best friend and coworker at Mr. Cluck’s Chicken Shack. He quit his job when Hurley quit after winning the lottery. When Johnny found out Hurley had won the lottery, Johnny changed on him. Johnny resented his friend’s newfound wealth and ran off with Hurley’s girlfriend, Starla.
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