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With voting well underway for the best 2 Season 1 scenes, it's now time to start collecting your favourite Season 2 scenes.

For a period of 1 week we will collect your nominations and then vote on these to get the Best 7 scenes from Season 2. Voting will then last 3 days and we then then vote on those 7 to see which 2 scenes go on to represent Season 2 in the final. After this we move onto Season 3.

The rules are simple

1) You can nominate a max of 5 Scenes from Season 2
2) If someone else has already nominated a scene that is fine but if you do please make sure that you use the same/similar description to help reduce duplicates.
3) Please make sure you include the Episode Name and a simple 1 line description of the scene(s) that you would like to nominate.
4) Any questions please feel free to leave a comment.


1) MOSMOF : Desmond meeting Jack at the Stadium
2) Collision : Eko and Locke's first meeting where they exchange "Hello's"
3) Lockedown : The Blast Door Map is revealed
4) What Kate Did : Michael chatting on the computer with Walt
5) Two for the Road : Michael killing Ana-Lucia and Libby

Remember: This nomination phase is just for SEASON 2, we will be doing Season 3 later.

We welcome relevant, respectful comments.
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