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Thanks to DarkUFO reader Alice who provided me with the following information.

I've been looking forward to the Lost game which is due to be released on PC/consoles, but there hasn't been much info released about it. I was reading a magazine last month which said they would have exclusive details on the game in the newest issue (released today). I checked their website today and found no mention of it being in the magazine, so I email and asked if there were any details in the newest issue. The reply I got said:

"We did indeed promise Lost stuff, and that was on the basis of Ubisoft telling us there would be an announcement at their big Paris event in May... which there wasn't.

In actual fact, they told us that the game's gone into hiding because it's not due for release until the end of 2008!

A bit annoying that there aren't any new details, and that it won't be out for another year and a half. Thought other fans would be interested in the update.

Source: Alice@DarkUFO

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