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AOL's Best and Worst Awards


Thanks to Andie for the following information about AOL's TV readers polls.

AOL recently conducted a poll of readers to find out what they thought was the best and worst of television last season. More than 3 million votes were counted! They had to answer 20 questions about their favorite dramas, comedies, reality shows, and Sanjaya hairstyles. I don't necessarily agree with all the results, but that's okay. It's still interesting to see what got people excited last season.

Here are just a few of the results, to see the full list, click here:

Best Drama: House
Best Comedy: Ugly Betty
Best Reality: American Idol
Best Cliffhanger: Lost
Best Villain: Ben, from Lost

Heroes Power You Wish You Had: Time Travel

Click on the source link for a full breakdown.

Source: AOL

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