DarkUFO - Lost

I'm going to start creating some new sites which will focus on spoiler and post episode info for other TV Shows. Now being in the UK it's a little hard for me to gauge the interest in others shows.

UPDATE: The poll is now, please vote on the shows that you think I should start with I will be using the results of this poll along with other factors such as show audience, spoiler potential and number of volunteers etc in arriving at the initial 5 shows to start with. If the site proves successful we will then start to add other sites as demand dictates.

I'll also be looking for volunteers to be able to help me run those parts of the site. If Interested please email me with the show that your interested in helping with. darkufo@ntlworld.com

I've already had a number of people email me with interest in particular shows. If you have a passion for a show and can help out and would like to join the team let me know.

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