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Lost" actors move off O'ahu's windswept beaches and out of jungle thickets to take a turn on the stage Sunday when they hold a play-reading session at Tenney Theatre to raise money for the Honolulu Theatre for Youth.

Matthew Fox (Dr. Jack Shephard) will read the part of Hercules in a new children's fantasy about Maui. Jorge Garcia (Hugo "Hurley" Reyes) will portray Ferdinand the Bull. Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond David Hume) will be part of a trio involved in "Obake," a ghost story.

After the show, the actors will hang out for autographs at a reception. They're not only eager, but willing to show a different side of their talents.

"I've benefited in so many ways from living and working in Hawai'i," said Daniel Dae Kim (Jin Kwon). "I'm happy to be able to return the favor (because) this benefit allows me to support three causes close to my heart: Honolulu, theater and our children. When times get tight and school budgets shrink, so often the arts are the first to be affected. Children's theater is one of the valuable ways that we can help foster creativity and imagination as a vital part of our kids' education."
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