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Thanks to Tracy for the heads up.

What You Don’t know about Lost

The show, developed by JJ Abrams, Jeffery Lieber, and Damon Lindelof, almost never happened.

“Lloyd [Braun] knew he was going to get fired so it was kind of his final fuck you to ABC that he green lit this hugely expensive pilot.”
Mr. Cuse almost passed on the show because he was under contract with a different studio.

“It was this moment where I decided to make a decision and take a leap based on passion. I remember calling my agent and saying ‘I want you to get me out of studio deal. I want to go work on Lost’ and my agent was sort of like ‘Are you nuts?’”
Everyone thought the show would fail, including him.

“That show was 12 and out. They basically only ordered episodes because they spent so much on the pilot.”
A contumacious approach that saved the show.

“I approached it thinking ‘I don’t care. We’ll make 12 cool episodes of television and if it does fail how bad can that be? Everyone is already expecting us to fail.'”

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