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Thanks to David for the following.

Here's a great article about LOST's 10th anniversary; about what made the show so special, how it changed how the world watched TV, and about the show's legacy.

Thought it was something that other LOST fans would enjoy reading as well!

A decade ago this week, LOST changed how the world watches TV.

September 22, 2004 may seem like an insignificant day in history, but it brought with it a monumental shift in how the world watches and interacts with their favorite television shows.
On September 22, 2004 the world was first introduced to Jack, Kate, Locke, Sawyer, Hurley, a dangerous “Monster,” a cursed set of numbers, tropical polar bears, and that enigmatic island.

10 years ago this week, LOST aired its first episode.
Feeling old yet?

And LOST entered with a bang, completely changing the game. It was unlike anything that’d ever been on TV, and unlike anything that’s come after it. It was TV’s greatest puzzle and one of it’s greatest character studies rolled into one.

In an age of Netflix, short-run TV series, and binge-watching parties, it’s easy to forget just how thrilling and insane it was to watch and follow LOST on a weekly basis.

It was bold, ambitious, and broke all the rules. It was masterfully told, cinematic in scope, and it changed the television landscape with just its pilot episode alone. LOST bursting onto the scene — even with just its first episode — reinvigorated the industry and proved to the world what TV could do.

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