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LOST: The Musical

Six seasons of TV's most beloved sci-fi drama packed into one night of hilarious musical absurdity.

We Have To Go Back!

Chinless Productions and Eric & Christine Kovac present the World Premiere of an unauthorized parody, LOST THE MUSICAL: WE HAVE TO GO BACK, written by Steven Christopher Parker and Steven Brandon, musical direction by DeReau K. Farrar, choreography by Heather Ashleigh Rivers and directed by Steven Brandon.

LOST THE MUSICAL: WE HAVE TO GO BACK will preview on Thursday, September 18; Friday, September 19 & Saturday, September 20 at 8pm and Sunday, September 21 at 7pm and will open on Monday, September 22 (the Ten-year anniversary of the LOST series premiere!) and run through Sunday, October 26 at the Lillian Theatre, 1076 N. Lillian Way. (at Santa Monica Blvd., one block west of Vine) in Hollywood. Much in the vein of other parodies such as Fellowship, A Very Potter Musical, and Point Break Live, LOST THE MUSICAL puts an outrageous spin on a show that riveted us, shocked us and entertained us throughout 121 episodes that are boiled down into 72 characters, played by 16 actors, across two hours in one night of hilarious and wacky absurdity in what we hope will become the ultimate LOST experience for fans that want more! However, the most exciting part of LOST THE MUSICAL is the ending. As I'm sure most of you know, the ending to Lost wasn't very well received. So, to remedy that, we have THREE ALTERNATE ENDINGS!!! Every night the audience votes to see which ending they want to see so LOST fans will finally get the chance to experience the finale they always dreamed of!

Here's a review of it on Broadwayworld.com: http://www.broadwayworld.com/los-angeles/article/LOST-THE-MUSICAL-WE-HAVE-TO-GO-BACK-to-Premiere-at-the-Lillian-Theatre-in-Hollywood-918-20140825#.U_vcsfmwJcQ

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