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A document recently leaked online detailing a version of the hit TV show Lost that never was. It details a show that’s much more episodic, less mythological and almost the exact opposite of the show that ran for six seasons on ABC. Dated May 5, 2004, four months before the first episode aired

The document claims the show will be self-contained and not have a serialized structure. “We promise.”

- It says the show won’t fit into one specific “franchise,” but instead can be many genres, such as a doctor show, lawyer show, cop show or character drama.
- Everything in Lost was supposed to have a scientific explanation.
- Claims the show will have no “ultimate mystery.”
- The mystery of “the monster” would be solved in “the first few episodes.”
- Most of the plane’s passengers were never supposed to show up again.
- The characters would live in a “primitive Melrose Place” that could be built on a soundstage.
- Guest stars would be a part of the show.

Source: Slashfilm

You can view the full PDF here

or view it here.

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