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Woman returning from a 2008 lost finale party has an accident and ends up in a coma. Five years later she wakes up and immediately catches up on seasons 5 and 6

Waltz awoke Jan 20, 2013, and immediately began catching up on her favorite series about lovable rogues hanging out on an island.

“By the end of season five, my expectations were high,” Waltz said. “Juliet and Sawyer were obviously my favorite couple on the show, and when it looked like she was gonna die, I cried.”

However, Waltz said she’s disappointed by the way the series ended.

“So wait,” Waltz said, addressing the frustrating conclusion experienced in 2010 by most everyone who cared about the series, “the smoke monster is just some dude? And Jacob’s just some guy made immortal by the island because of some weird light?”

Waltz was left confused by the finale, which she said raised more questions than it answered.

Source: Full Article @ fourthestatenewspaper

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