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LOST is a question.

It is an intimate, personal question, posed to you. Scholar, fan, student, average Jill or Joe, literary critic or consumer of culture, the question is independent of any title you apply to yourself, any knowledge or wisdom or fascination you might claim to possess, any theory of which you consider yourself proponent.

Is LOST relevant to you as a human being?

Among the 500-plus large-format (8.5” x 11”) pages of LOST Thought University Edition you will find 32 compelling questions posed by two dozen of the world’s leading authorities in literary analysis, film theory, theatre, art, theology, language, and music—as well as the most recognized names in the LOST blogosphere. With fascinating discussions touching on thousands of novel ideas, you will discover new ways of thinking about the thesis, major themes, character arcs, and original concepts given form and substance in one of television’s greatest artistic achievements.

LOST confronted some of the most fundamental questions of human existence, arriving at answers never before explored in fiction, using storytelling techniques new to television drama. LOST Thought University Edition brings together the most capable and thoughtful voices in academe and the LOST community to ask the probing, revealing questions that shed light on the essential concepts and provide insightful commentary and analysis available nowhere else.

This University Edition of LOST Thought contains eight new essays, some 74 pages of which have never before been published and cannot be read in any other venue. All told, over 300 pages of material were created exclusively for LOST Thought and are available in no other publication. Edited by Pearson Moore, papers were chosen for the anthology not only on the basis of author expertise, but with a keen eye for diversity of opinion, lively prose, depth of analysis, and broad range and high pertinence density of topics. Every paper presents a thought-provoking array of questions guaranteed to stimulate thought, discussion, debate, and a deep appreciation of the artistry of the series.

Scholar or fan, the Island is our destiny. LOST Thought University Edition will bring greater meaning to that destiny than any other companion book, literary guide, or analytical tool. Twenty-three scholars and authors await on the shores of the Island. Grab a backpack, a water bottle, and your laptop or iPad—and get ready for a fascinating adventure. Namaste!

LOST Thought University Edition, paperback version

LOST Thought University Edition, Kindle version

The LOST Thought cover image is available for purchase at DeviantART.


Pearson Moore

Nikki Stafford

Jo Garfein

Erika Olson

Sarah Clarke Stuart

Amy Bauer, Ph.D.

Cynthia Burkhead, Ph.D.

Erin Carlyle

Jeffrey Frame

Delano Freeberg, Ph.D. (Hon.)

Jennifer Galicinski

Julia Guernsey-Pitchford, Ph.D.

Gozde Kilic

Michelle Lang, Ph.D.

Abby Letak

Kevin McGinnis

Sam McPherson

C. David Milles

Ryan Ozawa

Andy Page

Antonio Savorelli, Ph.D.

Jamie Smith

Paul Wright, Ph.D.

Table of Contents


Introduction to the University Edition: The Color Blindness of King George: An Ode to Francis Church 13

Introduction: In the Shadow of Greatness 29

The Culture of Lost

1. Haikus for the Journey 39

2. Culture Disguised as Television 47

3. The Journey Has Just Begun: Building The Transmission 59

4. Chased By Polar Bears 73

5. Accidental Intellectuals: Lost Fandom and Philosophy 83

The Mythology of Lost

6. Alice in Wonderland Gets Lost 127

7. Funny Red Pictures: Egypt and Lost 135

8. The Science of Lost 143

9. Daddy Issues in Lost 161

10. The Mother Image In Lost 169

Faith and Fate in Lost

11. Theological Syncretism in Lost 187

12. Faith Images in Lost 205

13. The Lord Is My Jack Shephard 215

14. Free Will and Determinism in Lost 243

15. Free Will and Narrative Closure in Lost 253

Multi-Dimensionality in Lost

16. Four-Dimensionalism In Lost 263

17. A Village of Odd Couples 271

18. The Demands of the Green Pill: Metadrama in Lost 285

19. Dreams in Lost 301

20. Time Is the Essence 307


21. The Agent: Vincent as First Narrator 317

22. Sayid Jarrah and American Orientalism 327

23. Lost: The Hero’s Journey 335

24. On Paradise Lost and Lost 357

25. The Audacity of the Empty Tomb 365

Postmodernism in Lost

26. Poststructural Or Postmodern? 387

27. Quantum Mechanical Pastiche Pie 391

28. Strange Attraction 407

29. The Cork Stone: A Post-postmodern Thesis of Lost 429

The Structure of Lost

30. Lost and the Power of Story 455

31. Lost As the Neo-Baroque 471

32. Understanding The End 483


Immanent Anticipation: The Enduring Excitement of Lost 495

Featured Artists

Featured Artist: Gideon Slife 501

Featured Artist: ArtGUS 505

Endnotes 511

Glossary of Terms 531


Participant Notes…………………………………...………………………...545

LOST Thought University Edition, paperback version

LOST Thought University Edition, Kindle version

The LOST Thought cover image is available for purchase at DeviantART.

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