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Thanks to Taro for the following.

i'm a big fan of LOST and a long time rader of your amazing site and ...i still couldn't let them go.. ;)

Maybe it can be of interest for you and your readers and i'm pretty sure that it's an unknown reference to LOST...

I realized that in Crossing Jordan episode 6x02 (2007) titled "Shattered" the actor Sterling Beaumon (...the young Ben) ...(killed himself at the beginning of the episode) leaves a note to his father asking to feed his tourtle called.... LINUS !!!

The episode was produced at the same time of LOST episode 3x20 "The man behind the curtain" (may 2007) ...where Sterling Beaumon plays as "young Linus" for the first time.

I send you 2 screenshots, one of Sterling Beaumon as "Stewart" and another one of the suicide note asking "...feed Linus for me".
...well... it is a sad episode ..the suicide for sexual abuses .... but the mention to a tourtle called Linus it's original and unknown

sorry for my bad english... not my "native" ...language... ;)

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