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After six years of turning confusion into the art of cliffhanger drama, “Lost” conquered American televisions hearts, imaginations, and the ratings while becoming one of the most beloved sci-fi shows in broadcast history. After battling mysterious black smoke monsters, ghosts, polar bears, turbulent trips through time, and a massive volume of fan speculation concerning elaborate conspiracies and twisting plots the show has come to an end.

Stripped of the complex twists and turns, “Lost” is actually a simple story at it’s heart; the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 are thrown off course and taken from reality by a storm of Fate, and finding themselves stranded on a tropical island and thus begins the struggle to get home but this is no mere Gilligan’s Island. There is no weekly tease over the heroes getting home using a coconut radio to signal for help, instead LOST pitted the survivors against the universal forces of good and evil. The passengers found themselves switching time, switching realities, and at times switching allegiance as they battle for their lives against the supernatural and each other but with each step closer to leaving the island they found themselves tossed back out into the wilderness. Like Odysseus cursed to sail the seas, the shore line home nearly reachable and in sight, but greater forces conspired against them as fate determined the heroes had more suffering in store but like Homer’s King of Ithaca triumphantly returning to his kingdom so must the Oceanic survivors.

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