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Update: 28th June 2011 We've just announced the winners of the competition below and in the comments. Thanks to everyone who took part and we'll post the full list of character/chapters in a few days.

Ana Felicissimo
Brett Smithers
Brian Czygan
Chris Smyr
Genco Olive Oil
Reese Umbaugh

Dark UFO is giving away copies of LOST Identity, the new LOST book by Pearson Moore, to ten lucky readers. LOST Identity is Pearson Moore’s second book, devoted to nineteen of the most popular characters in the series.

The contest rules are easy: Guess the identity of the character or characters profiled in each chapter (and the introduction) and offer your guesses in a comment to this thread. You can use the chapter headings, your knowledge of LOST, your familiarity with Moore’s essays, or anything else you like as a guide.

1. One of the chapters profiles two characters.
2. One of the chapters profiles four characters.
3. Some of the characters are profiled twice.
4. One of the characters is not human, and walks on four legs.

One set of guesses per person. At least ten readers will be selected for free copies of LOST Identity. Winners will be selected by Dark UFO, who may use any mix of subjective and objective criteria in making its decisions. All decisions are final. Winners will be announced two or three days before the publication of LOST Identity, scheduled for the end of this month (June, 2011).

LOST Identity
Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Agent
Chapter 2: The Believer
Chapter 3: The Candidate
Chapter 4: The Chameleon
Chapter 5: The Consigliere
Chapter 6: The Flower
Chapter 7: The Four-Pointed Star
Chapter 8: The Leader
Chapter 9: The Man in Black
Chapter 10: The Man in White
Chapter 11: The Martyr
Chapter 12: The Mother
Chapter 13: The Perfect Example
Chapter 14: The Priest
Chapter 15: The Saint
Chapter 16: The Saviour
Chapter 17: The Seer
Chapter 18: The Shaman
Chapter 19: The White Rabbit

Click on the highlighted “Comments and Reactions” above to leave your guess. Good luck, and namaste!

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