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LOST Identity, the second LOST companion book by Pearson Moore, will be published and available for immediate sale on June 30. The paperback edition is due to arrive on store shelves by July 20.

From the publisher:
The characters of LOST come alive as never before in LOST Identity, the second in a series of companion books by always-insightful Pearson Moore. You will see your favorite characters in a new light as Moore illuminates the fascinating connections and conflicts between the most important and beloved survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. What was Vincent’s secret role on the Island? Who was steadier in faith than John Locke? What was really behind the apparitions of Jack’s father, Christian Shephard? Which of the characters altered the course of the past and paved the way for Jack to become the Protector of the Island? These questions and hundreds of lively topics are addressed in the 320 engrossing pages (80,000 words) of LOST Identity.

The LOST Identity giveaway contest is now closed. Winners to be announced on Friday!

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