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Kate Austen had a great, great, great grandmother--and she didn't take any prisoners, either. Her name was Myeerah of Hawk Clan, and she was the unrelenting, driving force of nature that founded the country we know as Canada.

Welcome to the world of Cartier's Ring, the first novel of LOST author Pearson Moore. Writing with the depth you’ve come to expect, Pearson Moore brings 16th century Canada to life. Myeerah is a character readers will never forget. Famed British romance author Barbara Elsborg puts it this way:

“Myeerah is the real heroine, a young girl we meet on the first page who’s forced to grow up very quickly. As the tale unfolds, she faces a series of challenges and the more you read, the more involved you become with her life. I’m not ashamed to say that a few times I had a lump in my throat as I read. Moore has brought to life a period of history that I know little about. I could almost feel and scent the camps and forests and ships. The battle of the characters became my battle, too. Their struggle to survive in harsh conditions is one that kept me reading and reading.

“From the first page to the last, the story is gripping. A tale of love, of family, of honor and of power, it’s fitting tribute to the birth of a nation.”

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