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LOST as you've never experienced it before.

Announcing "LOST Humanity"
The new book by Pearson Moore

This is no ordinary companion book. No filler. No fluff. No weird theories. Just cover-to-cover, hard-driving analysis by one of the Internet's most heavily-cited authorities on LOST.

According to Pearson, "I've been working on this book since last June. I wanted to write something useful for all of us, now, a year after the LOST journey ended. I thought a book that delved into new ideas, that uncovered the deepest and most difficult themes, could serve all of us, whether we enjoyed the series, or hated it. My intention wasn't so much to explain things as it was to provide food for thought. All of us have to come to our own conclusions about LOST. In fact, the book does not present a conclusion per se."

Pearson approaches LOST from four "nonlinear" points of view: Disorientation, Metadrama, Literary Analysis, and from scientific chaos theory, using the idea of Lorenz Attractors or "Strange Attractors." Pearson uses these high-level analytical tools to make sense of character relationships, major themes, mythological references, and symbolic actions. For instance, Pearson explains the deeply relational nature of the two "odd couple" pairings inside the cave during the finale. Many interpreted these two scenes, in which Jack was coupled with the Man in Black and Hurley was coupled with Ben, as being symbolic, or ironic. Pearson disagrees.

He explains it this way: "The strange scenes where opposing characters worked together to lower Desmond and then Jack into the cave were not intended as irony for the sake of irony. In fact, these were not statements of irony at all, but rather they were statements of necessity. In these two scenes, LOST told us that conflict is necessary to human life."

Pearson explains the exact nature of the Constant relationship, the Strange Attractor relationship, the rules of the Island, the meaning of the Source and the Cork Stone, and the conflicts between faith and science, good and evil, as well as free will and destiny. And he takes on possibly the most difficult challenge of all: identifying the true nature of Christian Shephard and his on-Island apparitions.

"LOST Humanity" takes the enjoyment of LOST to new levels, using concepts never before applied to drama or literature. It is LOST as you've never experienced it--LOST, the way it was meant to be experienced. The Island awaits. Prepare to get LOST.


"LOST Humanity" is available at Amazon.com in ebook format. Pearson chose this format so that it could be immediately available to the widest number of readers. In fact, to read "LOST Humanity" you need only a computer, a Mac, a mobile phone, or a Kindle. FREE software is available at Amazon.com that allows you to read "LOST Humanity" (and any other Kindle book, for that matter) on any electronic device you prefer. Just download the Kindle reader software, install it on your computer, and begin enjoying Pearson's book!

"LOST Humanity" available at Amazon.com

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