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Pearson Moore's "LOST Humanity," a fresh perspective on the hit television series LOST (2004-2010) today rose to the #1 Bestseller position at Amazon.com in the Television Guides and Reviews category. This "post-graduate course in LOST" contains never-before-revealed insights into the underlying mythology and themes of the show. Author Pearson Moore puts it this way: "People who watch LOST are not just fans. They seek meaning from their entertainment. 'LOST Humanity' feeds that hunger for meaning, and gives them new ways to understand their favourite television series."

Moore is working on a second companion book to LOST, tentatively titled "LOST Principals," referring to the principal characters of LOST. The publication of "LOST Principals" will be announced at Dark UFO. His first novel, "Cartier's Ring," will be published in May.

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