DarkUFO - Lost

Looks like you all had a tough time deciding yesterday but the results are in:

Ben 52.93% - Hurley 47.03%

Our bracket leader came out of this match unscathed and continues his quest for perfection! Today's matchup might be the last of our quarterfinal contests to threaten his chances of going the distance.

Today's matchup is a clash between two original Losties. Neither of them are strangers to ruffling the feathers of their peers. One man came to the Island as a suave and confident swindler. The other came to the Island as an unhappy and uninteresting cripple. During their time on the Island, both men learned that they had a common link in their tortured lives. In the end, John Locke died a pawn in a much larger game but Sawyer refused to be played and escaped the Island with his life. Will the tables be turned when these two meet for the first time in Character Cup action today?

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