DarkUFO - Lost

Congratulations to Ben Linus! He won the respectfully close consolation match and comes away with 3rd place:

Ben 54.22% - Desmond 45.78%

And now it's down to this- the Finals. Our perfect bracket leader, Jonathan "spruce-moose" Dowkes, will either claim perfection or come up painfully short at the last minute. After four years of Character Cup action, it all comes down to this- the final Final match. The poll will remain open all weekend, with mega-stats coming on Monday with the results.

It's a battle between two original Losties. Both of these men are what made the show great. Jack Shephard was a doctor with confidence issues. On the Island, he was thrust into a leadership position and, after years of struggle, found his purpose. John Locke was a miserable man who, like Jack, struggled with self-confidence. On the Island he thought he found his purpose and attempted to cling to the Island at all costs. These two men crossed paths numerous times and most of their crossings were tense at best.

They both died in the end and were able to make peace in the afterlife. But today the man of science and the man of faith must take to battle one last time...

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