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Statistical upset #2 has occurred as the hobbit beats the smoke monster! The Man in Black was predicted to win this round in just over 51% of all brackets. Here's how that and yesterday's other matchup turned out:

Charlie 56.18% - Man in Black 43.82%
Desmond Hume 90.26% - Mr. Eko 9.74%

This leaves us with just one perfect bracket in the tournament. Congrats to Jonathan "spruce-moose" Dowkes for being the last bracket standing. All eyes are upon you now. We'll see if you can go the distance.

Today our matchups feature some very interesting Island-dwellers. Up first is the new keeper of the Island taking on a man who surprised many with his win in Round 2. Does Daniel have another surprise win in the tank or will Hurley rule the day? Second is a battle between the former keeper of the Island and his right hand man. Will it be Jacob or Richard?

Cast your votes and we'll find out! :-)

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