DarkUFO - Lost

Alright! Another close match to add a little excitement to the tournament. Here's how the matches ended up:

Jack 90.04% - Rousseau 9.96%
Juliet 89.53% - Eloise 10.47%
Sun 80.48% - Bernard 19.52%
Mr. Eko 51.52% - Frank 48.48%

Mr. Eko's win brought the Jesus Stick down on a few of our bracketeers. We're now down to just 11 perfect brackets. Today's matchups are sure to cause a few more of them plenty of grief.

Today matches include a nearly ageless man taking on a youth, a fugitive going head to head with a scientist, a man with a knack for the supernatural and a Lostie who took a year off, and a battle between two men known only by one name.

Get those votes in and hang on for dear life! Round 2 is ending with a bang!

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