DarkUFO - Lost

Wow! How about a heart-stopper to close out Round 1? Bernard and Pierre were separated by single digits at times but only one of them came out on top. Here are yesterday's winners:

Jin 95.39% - Helen 4.61%
Juliet 94.59% - George 5.41%
Bernard 51.75% - Pierre 48.25%
Jacob 84.44% - Charlotte 15.56%

Bernard's victory marks our first statistical upset of the tournament. Only 45.1% of our bracket contestants picked Bernard to win, with Pierre snagging 54.8% of predictions. So was this a bracket buster? Yes and no. We're down to just 18 perfect brackets and I'm now 30 for 32. How are your brackets looking?

Now we're on to Round 2!

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