DarkUFO - Lost

Congratulations to yesterday's winners:

Man in Black 89.29% - Carmen 10.71%
Hurley 95.5% - Keamy 4.5%
Claire 86.25% - Arzt 13.75%
Christian 69.51% - Rose 30.49%

We're two days and eight matches into the final Character Cup and we're down to just 205 perfect brackets! Something tells me that one of today's matchups might be another bracket buster for some of you out there.

Today's lineup includes a high-ranking Other going against a former leader of the Others, a man obsessed with the DHARMA Initiative and the man who brought it down, a head-to-head between two men with past connections to other characters, and a slugfest between two character that weren't liked very much at all.

Vote away!

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