DarkUFO - Lost

Holy smoke monsters Lost fans! After just one day of action, there's only 277 of our 940 bracketeers left with a perfect bracket! How's your team doing?

Congratulations to yesterday's winners:
Rousseau 90.34% - "Mother" 9.66%
Eloise 77.82% - Abaddon 22.18%
Tom 61.85% - Ethan 38.15%
Penny 63.61% - Vincent 36.39%

We bid farewell to the losers for the last time. :-(

But now for today's bouts! Today we've got a dark force taking on the mother of the man he would have liked to kill, a heartless killer going against a guy who's all heart, a man who's shown up more time since his death and a woman who took a season off during the series run, and a troubled father taking on a supporting Lostie. Who will win today? How many perfect brackets will be left?

Get your votes in and we'll find out!

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