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Man In Black confirmed as Samuel

Update: 23:15 It appears that Samuel was NOT the Man in Blacks name and all of you who wanted it to be nameless can breath a sigh of relief. Here is the info I've just got from a highly placed source.

The Man in Black was always referred to in the scripts as "Man in Black," and it was never revealed in the scripts -- not even the finale. Damon and Carlton had to cast an actor to play the role, and when preparing the casting breakdown, they knew they had to include a name. They knew fans got the casting breakdowns, so they couldn't call him "Man in Black" because that would be a big red flag for fans and would reveal too much too early. So the name "Samuel" was used since it was only for the casting breakdown.

It’s unclear why production used "Samuel" as opposed to "Man in Black" for the chairback. Titus didn't know his character's name since he never was named, and he may have told someone in production the name used for the casting breakdown and sides. (The breakdown also listed him as a corporate raider, and that obviously isn't what his true job was.) But it was just a placeholder name and was never meant to his real name.

Source: SpoilerTV

A while ago we reported that Man In Blacks real name was Samuel.

Thanks to DarkUFO reader Mike, who sends us this confirmation from the Lost Auction.

On pg 14, item #16 Titus Welliver chair back is up for auction. It has his name on top, then a LOST logo and underneath is his characters name...Samuel.

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