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LOST The Auction - Article and Videos

Thanks to Dominic for the heads up.

The Star-Advertiser have posted an article and an embedded video showing LOST props, costumes, memoribilia from the Lost The Auction.


ABC to auction 'Lost' props, costumes, memorabilia -

There is also a few videos by jasondebord from "LOST" Profiles in History

"LOST" Profiles in History Auction Update with Joe Maddalena -

Comic Con 2009 video interviews (Before Season 6 Production showing costumes, props, memoribilia from Seasons 1-5)

Comic Con 2009 Interview Profiles in History: Part 1 -

Comic Con 2009 Interview Profiles in History: Part 2 -

ABC's LOST The Auction Hosted by Profiles in History August 21-22, 2010 -

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