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Thanks to Donna for the heads up on this little snippet from Carlton at the recent Saturn Awards.

Finally, Carlton Cuse, the producer of Lost, entered the pressroom, after accepting the award for Best TV Series. I asked him what reaction they had received from the fans on the finale? “It seems like a lot of people liked it,” he answered. “I think obviously there were people who didn’t like it and that was to be expected. But we stand by the finale, we made the finale that we wanted to make and we’re happy with it, and we’re gratified that a lot of people seem to react positively to it.

“In terms of specifics,” he continued, “we feel like we answered what we were going to answer in the show. There’s a twelve minute segment on the DVDs that are coming out in August that have a few answers that were not in the show, and I think fans will really enjoy that. It’s the final little quota to the experience of Lost. Several of the major stars in the show will be featured. That’s all I really want to say. It’s fun and we feel like people are going to enjoy seeing a final little chapter of the series.”

Source: filmreviewonline

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