DarkUFO - Lost

Update: 2nd June Thanks to everyone for voting. We now have our finale 64 Episodes and you can see the draw below. We will be getting the bracket software configured this week and hopefully by the weekend you will be able to enter your picks for each match-up. We'll make a formal post here on the homepage when this is ready.

For now feel free to discuss which episodes you think will make it all the way, which match-ups will be close and which ones might cause an upset.

Ok All... We're nearly there. We have now got 60 (See list below) of our final 64 Episode that will go into this years Episode Cup. Once we have this 64 we can then get the brackets configured and you can try to predict each of the matches.

But before we do that we need one final poll to see which of the following episodes fill the last 4 available spots.

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