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UPDATE: The video of Emerson's interview where he confirms this information is posted on the Media Mentions section of the site for those that want to check it out.

UPDATE: As many fans have pointed out, this epilogue will be available on the COMPLETE COLLECTION not just the Season 6 DVD.

So for those wondering what happened with Ben and Hurley after the Ajira plane takes off, well you are in luck! Apparently there are an additional 12-14 minutes that will be an "epilogue" that will be included on the Season 6 DVD set.

Of course this is a part of ABC's way of making some more money, but at least there is more footage to see. Also some are speculating this is where we will see Walt.

Here is the story from E! Online:

One more reason to love Michael Emerson: He just spilled the goods on an amazing surprise for any Lost fan planning to buy the final, sixth-season DVD. (And trust me, now all of you will be buying it.)

There will be more Lost. There is more to the story, and we will get to see it! Praise Jacob! Or should we say…Hurley?!

“For those people that want to pony up and buy the complete Lost series, there is a bonus feature,” Michael just told our Kevin Pereira of Attack of the Show!, which airs tonight at 7 on E!’s brother network G4. “Which is um, you could call it an epilogue. A lost scene. It’s a lot; it’s 12 or 14 minutes that opens a window onto that gap of unknown time between Hurley (Jorge Garcia) becoming number one and the end of the series.”

Full Story: E! Online
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