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Hey All,
So it has been a few days and I know many are still upset and will never change their opinions about the end of LOST. Some of you are still wondering about things while some are satisfied and content.

Where ever you are on that range we want to hear from all of you. Please send in any questions you have about the finale or the show in general and we will pick the top questions to answer and provide you with our thoughts.

We are still planning on doing several podcasts about the show and finale, but the recap one will take some time to record and edit. So in the meantime we thought it would be cool to just take some of the common questions from the fans and do our best to provide you with our thoughts for a special Finale Bonus podcast.

If you have just a comment please post them as well and we will maybe read some of those also.

Yes, we were way off with many of our theories, maybe you want to know our take on those now? Maybe you want to know how Vozzek was feeling when Frank flew the plane off the island? Maybe you want to know what Karen thinks of the potential "Matrix" or video game theory?

We had a feeling something was not right about the ALT world, but not necessarily purgatory. Send in questions about the ALT Purgatory world?

Also, maybe you want to know how much I knew via spoilers?

Ask away!

You can post questions below in the comment section or at the following link:


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