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Hey All,
It has been about a week since the LOST series finale has aired and I hope you all are doing good!

Earlier this week we asked you to send in some questions and we received so many great questions! There is of course no way to answer each one but in this bonus podcast we answer several of the common questions that were sent in and provide you with our initial thoughts about the finale.

We are working on our Finale Recap podcast and it will most likely be in two to three parts so keep your eyes open for those. Also since so many great questions were sent in we will try to do another bonus podcast to answer some more.

In the mean time I hope you all enjoy this podcast and once again thanks for all the comments and questions!

Also, as promised, one lucky listener of the podcast will win an awesome LOST Prize package from DK Publishing that includes a LOST Complete Collection DVD Set and a LOST Encyclopedia!

That is correct! If you listen to this podcast we provide you with details on how to enter and how you can possibly win this awesome prize!

Good luck and enjoy!

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