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Hey All,
Well I know many fans were not thrilled when last week's episode ended and were actually quite disappointed. However, Karen, Vozzek and myself actually liked it quite a bit.

Is that a surprise? Probably not, but we explain why and how we thought this episode was not only good but also important.

From the birth of twins Jacob and Man in Black to the reveal that Mother and Man in Black are Adam and Eve.

Yes the episode did not tell us anything much about out Losties, but it did reveal the origins of the events that led to our Losties eventually reaching the island. We saw the heart of the island the reason why perhaps Jacob and eventually that maybe one of our Losties will have to guard the Island.

Well the podcast is on iTunes but for those of you that can not access it there here is an audio player and a download link for you all.

Hope you all enjoy!


NOTE: With the finale on Sunday we will try to have the podcast for Episode 6x16 out by latest Saturday morning.

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