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Hey All,
As most of you know by now, we already had two other podcasts this week, a spoilers podcast with DarkUFO and then our weekly Recap Podcast for Episode 6x13 The Last Recruit.

However, as promised here is a little bonus podcast with our good friends Erika Olson from LongLiveLocke.com and DarkUFO.

Part 1 of the podcast is with Erika and Part 2 is with DarkUFO.

Karen and Danny (Vozzek) of course join in for all the fun, but Karen did not want to be spoiled so she was not a part of the podcast with Dark.

We talk to both Erika and Dark about Season 6, what they think will happen the rest of the way and much more!

Hope you all enjoy!

This podcast can be found on iTunes or via the link below:


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