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Our third and final double-points episode has come and gone but it has certainly left a major mark on the Lost Fantasy League! "The Last Recruit" would have been a very high scoring episode without the double-points factor but with it, it has become the highest-scoring episode in LFL history! How many points you ask? Try 3,560!

The outcome of this episode has led to some exciting races within our character groupings, so nothing is certain yet! We have ruled out a number of characters from contention, so check out the video above to see if we think any of your picks are out of the running for their groups. Also, be sure to check out all of the scores and stats below to see if you have risen or fallen in the standings!

IMPORTANT: There were many point adjustments made this past week. These adjustments have had a large impact on a number of characters. These changes will make your weekly score look incorrect for this week. Please be sure to check out these changes in the 'Important Points Rulings' section.

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