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UPDATE: The weekly character scores and episode totals charts have been added to the post. I wasn't able to insert them earlier when Google was having problems.

UPADTE: Google seems to be having issues with their image hosting right now. Charts and tables will be up when Google fixes the problem.

Our second Double-Points Episode is in the books and, for the second week in a row, the leader boards have been completely tossed about! With Richard's record-setting 920 points, our league leaders now look drastically different. Also, for what I believe is the first time ever, one of our celebrity contestants is leading the League! Way to go Pete!

NOTE: There were a number of point adjustments made heading into this post. This means that your weekly scores may look incorrect. Please check the Important Point Rulings section to see if these adjustments affect your team before emailing me about an incorrect score.

"Ab Aeterno" would have been a points giant without the double-points factor. With the DPF, it is now the highest-scoring episode this season and possibly of all time! Makes you wonder what will happen in our third and final DPE this year (6.13). Ah well, check out the Fantasy Update above (I've written off a few more people) and the lovely stats and data below.

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