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What an explosive episode! As I said last week, 6.06 is a turning point for the Lost Fantasy League. Listen to the audio here (video next week!) to see if I have ruled out any of your characters as a contender for their group. From now on, the videos will feature a quick rundown of the League Leaders and breakdowns for each character group, focusing on who has the momentum and what it will take for the other characters to catch them.

All of the action was fun to watch, but it took its toll on the episode total. "Sundown" is the lowest-scoring episode so far this season (after an adjustment for "Lighthouse"). The episode scored only 490 points, despite hitting 19 of our point categories. The biggest blow came from death deductions. There were 13 of them! That's 260 points down the drain! In the end, though, "Sundown" wouldn't have been as awesome without them.

Check out all of the stats and data below and let me know if I missed something!

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