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Sorry folks, no video this week. I was just too busy to do one. That's actually for the better because it has given me time to think about the videos and they will be getting a makeover (content-wise).

So, "Lighthouse" wasn't very bright from a points perspective. It is the lowest scoring episode of the season so far but it still did better than Obama's state of the union address. (In case you are wondering, "What Kate Did" would still be ahead of "Lighthouse" without the double-points factor)

Things are starting to take shape for the Fantasy League and I believe this next episode will be critical in separating some pretenders from the contenders. Be sure to come back next week for all the juicy details! Until then, enjoy all the lovely content in store for you courtesy of 6.05, "Lighthouse."

NOTE: There were a number of point adjustments made this week. Any time we make adjustments retroactively, your score for the current week will look wrong. If your score looks wrong to you, check the Important Points Rulings section before emailing me about your "incorrect" score. Your cumulative scores are all correct.

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